Learn the basics of the one of the most high octane games for mobile users yet!  Download Ace Top Gunner now in Google Play here: http://bit.ly/1eaxHIO

More than half of the planet has been reduced to a colony. The remaining human civilization is preparing for the continuation as ace warriors grab their flight suits to regain their lost land and attack the base camps of the enemy.

Use Touch mode or Motion tilt control mode to guide your jet and eliminate the enemies in each battle scene.  Touch mode allows you to swipe up and down on the screen with your finger to move your jet.  Motion tilt enables you to maneuver the plane by tilting your device.  You will be awarded gold coins and experience, before eventually coming face to face with the Boss commander of the level. If the player is upgraded to the right level, you can use gold coins or cash to unlock and purchase high-level fighters, as well as upgrading weapons systems. Get ready to become the ace top gunner of the battlefield!  Go and download this fun, free phone game now.