"The Pets need your help to escape in Pets Day Out! Run, jump, and slide your way through 8 visually stunning levels. The objective is simple- help the pets get out! 

First, select your pet! You can choose from Super-Dog Sam, Chico the Bear, and Yogo the Panda! Proceed to selecting your level. Once you are in, your pet is off! Tap the ""Jump"" button on the left side of the screen to leap over obstacles. Tap the ""Slide"" button on the right to go underneath hanging objects. While doing so, collect candies to give you the boost you need. Coins give you money to purchase additional power-ups and upgrades in the store. 

Try to keep your eyes out for Alphabet Candies. If you collect enough letters to spell out ""RUNAWAY,"" you will get 2,000 points! So keep your eyes open, fingers ready, and get these pets to freedom! "