"There are several things you can purchase at the store in Pets Day Out. Click on the shopping bag on the home screen and you will be shown 4 options: Add Coins, Wallpapers, Power Ups, and Upgrades. 

Add Coins: 
Here, you will be shown several pricing packages to add coins to your game. you can use the coins you purchase to buy more upgrades, power-ups, wallpapers, or even unlock a new character. 

Do you love Pets Day Out? Do you want to have a picture of the pets for yourself? Buy a wallpaper so you can admire the pets wherever you go! 

Power Ups: 
Power-ups give you boosts when you really need. You can purchase the dash, an additional life, or a triple score power up! 

Upgrades improve items you already have. The magnet, candy, and boost upgrades give you the tools you need to get through the levels easier! "