"In Parallel Mafia, you are able to access your menu at any time. The menu allows you to check multiple aspects of your game. There are 9 options to choose from in the menu. 

Here, you can check to see which items are in your inventory. Think you're running low on painkillers? Want to check your cash? All of that information is visible here. 

These come in 2 forms- personal and updates. you can see if other players have been sending you messages. Maybe they want to form an alliance. Who knows!? You can also look here to see any updates on what's coming up in Parallel Mafia. 

Create a variety of things to advance in your game. Buildings, weapons, armor, drugs, and much more can be created in this menu feature. 

These are skill upgrades to your character's attributes. Raise your defense or damage with knives to give you the upper hand on your opponent. 

Check the status of your game. You can see what level your character is at, your cash, ranking, and awards you have earned. You can also edit your profile, upgrade to a platinum membership, and fix your notification settings. 

Keep your friends and enemies in check here. Take a gander at who is in your mafia and who you have been mentees to you. 

Relocate to your current location, in case you are ever lost. Or you can move to a command post to check out the competition! 

Make new friends! Make new enemies! See who has the inside scoop on the latest happenings in Parallel Mafia! 

Want to purchase additional features to progress in your game? Here you can buy credits or manage the ones you already have! "