"On the home screen when you enter Nosferatu- Twilight, there are 3 options at the bottom for you to choose from: Objectives, Upgrades, and Statistics. Each one allows you to do different things to help you acquire bonuses and upgrades so you can get that high score you've been working so hard for! 

Here, you can keep track of different tasks you need to accomplish in the game. For example, collect 100 coins in a level or turning 4 women in a row to friends in a single run! These objectives will give you new goals to accomplish when playing a level. You can also click the button on the left side of the page to see your daily missions. 

Upgrades allow you to perform special feats while playing. The magnet upgrade allows coins to be drawn to you, making it easier to acquire more coins without worrying about missing any on your run! You can also use your coins to acquire special characters to play with! 

Let this be your guide to tracking your progress in the game. Here, you can see what level you are, your high score, how many coins you have stored, and more! "