"You are Lynette, a business-savvy woman who has been cheated out of her family business by her husband. Your goal is to use your knowledge and skills to build, develop, and sell properties to acquire the money you need to buy back the company that is rightfully yours! 

To start the building process, you must first choose an empty lot. Once you have selected a lot, there will be options on the bottom of the screen that will show you what you can do. If you decide to build, you will be directed to the types of properties you can build on the lot. These include motels, campgrounds, and other properties. The further you advance, and the more money you make, the more properties you will be able to build! Properties require money, materials, and workers. You can check the bar on the bottom of the screen to keep track of your inventory for each one. Your goals can also be viewed on the same bar. Once you complete your goals, you can move on to the next level! "