"In Farm Frenzy 3, slap on your overalls and get ready to get some dirt under your nails! 95 levels of farming madness will be sure to keep you occupied until the cows come home. Start off the game by picking the farm of your choice. Each farm has a variety of levels. Once you have selected the farm, you will be shown the goals for that level.  Genuine birds are the blue birds that eat grass and produce eggs. Tap the ground around them to make grass grow. The more grass the birds eat, the more eggs they can produce. You will need water to grow the grass, so make sure the well isn't running dry! If it is, tap it to refill your tank.   Keep you eye on the bottom right of the screen. This is where you can check to see how far along you are with your goals. Once all the goals are completed, you can advance to the next level. 

Beware of lions! Lions can destroy your products and toss your animals around. When one appears, tap on it repeatedly until the cage is formed around them. It will then be sent to the truck, which takes products to the city. the products you send off on the truck will be sent in exchange for money, which you will need to refuel your water tank and purchase animals and other products.  "