"Extreme: Impossible Mission brings arcade-style gameplay to your Android Device. Fight villians in the streets using your allotment of guns, grenades, or the fatal Shadow Kick. 

It is easy to get started! Once you are ready, use the direction key in the left corner of the screen to maneuver your player left and right. To jump, press up on the direction key. To crouch, press down on the key. The attack key is on the right side of the screen. Here, you can fire your weapons, throw grenades, or replenish your health with medicine! There are 3 guns to choose from: Handgun, shotgun, and submachine gun. Keep an eye on your health at all times! This can be viewed at the top left corner of the screen. make sure it isn't getting low, or you may need to use one of your medicine packs. 

Now that you're ready, go off and bring peace back to your city! "