"There are 4 bonuses that you can acquire while playing Angry Faceblocks. 

If you click on the magnifying glass, you will be shown 4 pulsating blocks. These 4 blocks are the 4 corners of a rectangle you can now select, just in case you were stuck. 

Having a hard time seeing anything? Caught in a rut you don't think you can get out of? Mix it up! Use the rearrange option to scramble the angry faceblocks and see things with fresh eyes! 

This works very much like the tip bonus. However, instead of showing you where the rectangle is, the bomb destroys it for you! Save some time and keep smashing those blocks! 

In Angry Faceblocks, time is almost never on your side. Change that! Click on the clock to give yourself a little time boost. Don't use it too soon though! It may come in handy later! "