"Air Wings is quite easy to learn, but much more difficult to master. First, determine which mode you would like to play in: Training, Battle, or Friend Match. 

This allows you to learn the art of paper plane flying! Pick your ideal plane model from a variety of choices (the Dart, Bomber, Balsa, Tiburon, Buzzer). Once you're ready, tap on the screen and you are off! Tilt the screen up, down, left, or right to maneuver your away around the level. Make sure to avoid hitting any objects on your path, or you're in for a crash landing! Try to capture items around the level to improve your game. 

Ready to take on an opponent? Select Battle mode to be matched up against up to 3 other players and see who really rules the sky! 

Friend Match: 
Have a buddy who wants thinks he or she is better than you? Do you want bragging rights over all your friends? Friend Match pits you against one of your pals to determine whose plane flies highest. "