PlayPhone Community - Rules of Conduct

Welcome to the PlayPhone support community! Here you can share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions about social games, mobile phones, support, strategy, and find friends. Together we can continue to build exciting and extremely fun games to play on your Android, iOs, and Window devices. 

We can hardly wait to get started, but first, a lesson in this community’s netiquette.  Please read and follow the following Do's and Don'ts.  This community is shared by many individuals that may have different opinions to yours.  We ask that you please be nice to each other. By participating in this community you agree to follow these rules. For everyone’s sake, we are committed to enforcing these guidelines, as well as PlayPhone’s Terms of Service.

The Do’s
Check the community for the topic you want to talk about before you post
Another community member may have already answered your question or joined the conversation.

Start posting and comment
Let people know what you’re thinking about, answer questions, leave comments, share your ideas, and have fun. You don’t have to be a writer, just start typing away.  Before you know it your post is ready to be submitted.  Oh and a reminder, don’t yell at us by using all-caps.

Spelling & Language
OMG AC LOL.  Some our community members use SMS language, when sending a quick reply. We are not expecting perfect grammar or spelling.  We just ask that you make sure people can understand you: run a spell check and make sure your grammar makes sense before you post.  While we have a lot of bi-lingual gamers, we ask that you use English when posting. 

Use Descriptive Titles
“I need help!” will probably not garner much attention from your fellow community members as it doesn’t describe your issue.  Make sure people know what you are writing about just from reading the title.  This will help get lots of attention on your post.  Also avoid using all-caps and too much SMS language. 

Report Abuse
If you think a post violates the community rules, help us by reporting it. The moderators notice who’s taking care of the community and those people are rewarded. If you see something in a thread that needs to be addressed, please notify a moderator.

Give people praise
Did you read a post you thought was cool?  Give the author praise. Praise will raise the ranking of the post and raises your ranking in the community.

Know the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
Users of the community are subject to the PlayPhone Terms of Service and  Privacy Policy. 

If you think the moderators have banned you unfairly or if you are having a dispute with another member, please email us. Please remember to be as polite. Verbally abusing the staff or other community members will increase the length of your ban and may result in a permanent ban. Being polite and courteous will expedite your concerns and find a resolution to your dispute.  Also, we won’t discuss bans or warnings with community members or the general public.

The Don’ts

Don't be offensive
Deliberately posting derogatory or inflammatory comments will result in removal of the posting among other repercussions.  We will remove posts we think are ethically, racially, religiously, or sexually offensive, insulting, demeaning, harassing, contain swear/offending words, threatening or just non-constructively negative. 

Graphic images
We will remove graphic content featuring inappropriate material or language, as well as pornography or anything else that does not belong.

Don't violate anyone’s privacy or post your own identifying info
We will take down any posts containing public phone numbers, addresses, and other personally identifying info.

Don't post about any kind of illegal activities
This is dealt with a strict no tolerance policy; your account will be permanently banned.

Spam & Advertising
No advertising, solicitations, promotional material, petitions, arranging boycotts, and advertising your personal website or other community. 

Don't manipulate discussion rankings
This include off-topic, bumping (making a new post solely to bring it to the top of the thread listing and push down legitimate discussions), in before the lock (Posting “****” or something offensive just before we lock a thread that doesn't add anything new and relevant), quote for truth (When you quote someone you agree with but only add one or two words), and giving a Thumbs down to a posting to decrease the ranking. 

Don't post cheats, glitches, hacks or accusations of cheating online
Please contact us if you believe someone may be cheating or abusing our community or games.  If you encounter an error that gives individuals an unfair advantage in our mobile live game play, please let us know. 

Don't use All Capitals Letters
All caps are considered shouting. We will remove postings which contain all capital letters. 

Dont' talk about competitor’s games and platforms
The community is all about PlayPhone’s published games.  As such these posts are deemed off-topic and will be removed.

The PlayPhone Community Team
In addition to enforcing the Official Rules of Conduct, the PlayPhone Community Team may choose to implement additional policies at their discretion for day-to-day matters which are not explicitly covered by the Official Rules of Conduct. These policies are usually posted in the community and are most often floated to make them known to all members. Before participating in the community, please read any applicable floated threads to become familiar with any additional posted Policies.
Users of the PlayPhone Community are subject to the PlayPhone Terms of Service and  Privacy Policy.