We are here to help you with any cancellation or refunds for unused Playcredits. For quick help with a cancellation and refund request, please send us and email with the phone number that has been subscribed. Our email address is help@playcredits.com. Our billing department will process your request as soon as possible. 

Don’t worry, your email address will only be used to process your cancellation. We will also provide you with information on how you became subscribed to our service. 

Here is a bit more about Playcredits and how you may have become subscribed to our service. 

What are Playcredits? Playcredits are a virtual form of currency that can be used to purchase additional features in our network of games.

Is there a charge or what is this charge for playing your games? The majority of our games are free. The subscripton for Playcredits may be initiated by clicking on an advertisement on the mobile device.  These advertisements are displayed on various applications, such as Words with Friends and Pandora.  

How can I cancel? You can cancel anytime by taking advantage of our automated cancellation service.  Simply call us at 1-866-290-9022 and select the automated service.  After inputting the number of your mobile device, your subscription will be cancelled.  You can also email our support team at help@playcredits.com to request a cancellation.

Can I get a refund? If you haven’t used any of the Playcredits™ you can request a refund by sending us an inquiry to help@playcredits.com or by calling us at 1-866-290-9022 Monday-Friday between 8 and 5PST. Please remember to include the phone number for the device that has been billed for services.  Also, please be aware of the 90 day refund policy set forth by your mobile carrier. **If you do not request the refund immediately after subscribing, your mobile carrier may prorate the charges and issue you a PARTIAL refund**

I hope this information has been helpful and has clarified any concerns you may have regarding our service.